Diabetes Care

Diabetes Care
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Allison Medical SureComfort Insulin Syringes

100 syringes per Box|30G guage|5/16"|Boxes contain 10 sterile poly bags of 10|Clear, bold gradations..


Allison Medical SureComfort Pen Needles

100 needles per Box|29G guage|3/16"|Compatible with all major brand insulin delivery devices|Lubrica..


Allison Medical SureComfort Safety Lancets

100 needles per Box|18G guage|Dual use 18G blade lancet is ideal for tests requiring larger blood sa..


D.I. Insulin/Syringe Carry Case

D.I. Insulin/Syringe Carry CaseDiscreet yet stylish the D.I. Case is the handiest carrying case ..


Dia-Pak Classic Organizer

Dia-Pak Classic OrganizerClassic 1 Week SupplySince 1989 Dia-Pak© has been the product of ch..


Medicool Insulin Traveling Case

Medicool Insulin Traveling CaseBlue Insulin protector caseInsulated case keeps cooler cold f..


Off-Loading Diabetic Shoe Large * Men 9-11;Wmn 11.5-12.5

Off-Loading Diabetic Shoe LargeMen 9-11;Wmn 11.5-12.5LargeFit's Men's shoe sizes 9-11; W..


Off-Loading Diabetic Shoe Medium Men 6.5-8.5; Women 9-11

Off-Loading Diabetic Shoe Medium Men 6.5-8.5; Women 9-11MediumFit's Men's shoe sizes 6.5-8.5..


Off-Loading Diabetic Shoe Small Men4-6; Women 6.5-8.5

Off-Loading Diabetic Shoe Small Men4-6; Women 6.5-8.5SmallFit's Men's shoe sizes 4-6; Women'..


Off-Loading Diabetic Shoe X-Lge * Men 11.5-14; Wmn 13+

Off-Loading Diabetic Shoe X-LgeMen 11.5-14; Wmn 13+X-LargeFit's Men's shoe sizes 11.5-14..


Prodigy AutoCode Talking Meter Kit

Prodigy AutoCode Talking Meter Kit Easy to use No Coding requiredSpeaks in 5 Langua..